Is Your Back Pain Emotional?

Sometimes clients come to see me for back pain and we work together for a course of treatment and we get to a point where they just don't get any better. They still have this nagging pain that's uncomfortable and frustrating.

What makes it worse is that they read all my reviews and hear stories of miracles happening on my treatment table. Clients/patients coming in with chronic pain and then healing within just a few sessions. People trying many modalities and practitioners to no avail and then they come into my office for a session and their pain is lifted.

For those clients who didn't get any results from our work together, what could be the cause of their pain/discomfort and why is it not responding to the 'physical' and 'energetic' work that we did in session?

Could it be a mental or emotional issue or blockage?

Or possibly some sort of suppressed anger that they are holding onto?

I once read somewhere that anger, sadness, and other negative emotions stem from fear.  Fear is extremely powerful and can debilitate us. Fear of speaking our minds. Fear of being our authentic selves. Fear of not being liked if we do say what we mean to say. Fear of hurting others. Fear of expressing our deepest self. 

So what happens when we aren't able to express ourselves fully?

What happens physically to us? Intuitively, I see this as some sort of blockage. An energetic blockage that has physical ramifications. Lack of flow of energy through our body. The same type of energy that acupuncturists address. Call it 'Chi', 'life-force', 'Prana' or whatever you want. I feel as though withholding our emotions holds back the fluids from flowing freely in our body and it limits the body to heal itself. 

It's sort of like crying. Did it ever occur to you that crying is an emotional release that is just as important as letting out a sneeze or cough? It cleanses us. Clears out our emotions and releases tension in our entire body. It can and often softens the space around our eyes and temples, reduces pressure around that region, reduces headaches and creates an ease within our entire being. Did you ever pay attention to what happens right after a baby cries? It becomes calm and it may even fall asleep. This is a biological release. Similar to an orgasm. It's a healthy and restorative natural part of being a human. A physiological response that I consider a part of being-well.

So let's get back to your back pain...   What's possible if you stopped thinking only in terms of your 'physical' body and started to have a look deep inside your mental, emotional and spiritual self?

Yes, I said it. Spiritual. At the risk of losing many of you by using this term, I'm going to say it. But the way I speak of spirit in this instance is this:

Are you in alignment with your spirit at this present moment in your life?

Are you true to your 'self'?

In conclusion, we can't just focus on healing the 'physical' dimension of our 'self', for true and lasting healing, it would tremendously serve us to look at the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual planes of our existence. 

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin