My Recent Fascination with...

For the past 7 years I’ve been primarily taking classes in Ortho-Bionomy in order to complete my 500-hour certification. I chose to delve into this magnificent healing system and ‘go all the way’ with it because out of all the healing and therapeutic modalities I’ve tried and practiced, I found Ortho-Bionomy to be the most effective and efficient. I’ve also found it to be the most holistic, well-rounded and potent. I’m able to get real and lasting results with this system as compared to many other methods.

One of my favorite aspects of this tremendous work is that it takes on a multi-system approach to healing. It works with just about every system of the body and NOT just the musculoskeletal. Even fluids and organs are treated, not just muscles and bones. And I just LOVE how gentle, safe, non-invasive, and intuitive it is.

I’ve heard about this form of Myofascial Release by a physical therapist named John F. Barnes and I was naturally drawn to learn more about it.  John is an interesting man. He’s from Sedona, Arizona, and that should tell you a lot about him. He’s very spiritually connected. I’ve heard great things about his approach to fascial release and so I started to read about it.

I then decided to go to his Facebook page and see if I can ask him some questions to learn more about his methods and whether or not he has heard about Ortho-Bionomy, so as to see if it's in alignment with the same philosophy or not.

I also just had to know if he thought that the actual fascial ‘release’ that happens in an OB session was similar to the fascial release that occurred using his method.

So I asked the question on his page and one of his colleagues responded saying that he used to take OB classes and how the release is indeed different. He said that with the MFR releases taught by Barnes, our body is able to release deeply held traumas that are held in the fascia…

He told me that I should read a few books to learn more and he recommended two books for me. I ordered those books right away, read them, and started to try some of the work in my sessions with clients to see if I could feel the release happening.

I was intrigued with this work, because so much of it is in alignment with the principles of OB, where we let the body heal itself and we don’t use excessive force to try to fix the problem. John’s words spoke to me on a deep level, and I quickly realized that I’m ready to learn more from him and take his classes.

In early September, I took my first MFR seminar and I was truly blown away by it.

I went ahead and signed up for two more in Dec and Jan and I’m finding that these techniques work amazingly well in tandem with my OB practice in my KRT sessions.

My clients are seeing some tremendous results and are loving the new methods I’m using.  I look forward to learning more and bringing more of John’s wisdo into my practice.