How can body therapy help treat mental illness and emotional imbalances?


Hi guys!

So I haven’t wrote a blog post in a long time because I’ve been quite consumed with my practice and supporting my clients in their healing process.

I’ve also been dealing with my own healing process from my recent separation from my wife of over 6 years.

Why do I share this personal information with you?

Because I too have used body therapy recently to help me RELEASE MY EMOTIONS and the energetic pressure of my suppressed emotions from my body and nervous system and this helped me heal way faster than I would have if I would continue to suppress my feelings.

Most people have NO IDEA what’s possible with BODY THERAPY.

They know about psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, and the like. But they have no idea that something like body therapy even exists.

Body therapy and specifically the methods of body therapy that I use in my Kinetic Release Therapy (KRT) sessions, can help us RELEASE tremendous energetic tension from our body/mind/spirit complex so that we can HEAL ONCE AND FOR ALL from our mental-emotional disharmonies.

Whether it’s anxiety, depression, ADD or ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or even addiction, we can find TREMENDOUS healing possibilities with body therapy work.

By being super present and mindful with my carefully applied touch and engagement of the fascial system, we’re able restore ease and harmony in our mind/body/spirit so that we can heal from most mental illness conditions.

To work with a psychotherapist/psychoanalyst alone is quite limited in my opinion and from my personal experience of visiting several of them in the past. (I’ve suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, depression and was even diagnosed bipolar when I was 21!!).

The reason why I say that it can be limited to only work with the mind and to ignore our body is because MUCH of our mental disharmonies are CAUSED by UNCONSCIOUS issues that have to do with past traumas and energetic emotional charges that we have in our body and are not even aware that they are keeping us in the sympathetic state or the fight/flight/freeze response of our nervous system.

The ENTIRELY UNCONSCIOUS tensions and toxic energies are STORED IN OUR BODY. In our nervous system. In our cells!!


So I believe that we can talk to a psychotherapist weekly for up to a year or more and still not get the type of results that we can get in just one or two sessions of body therapy.

Why is that?

Because talking to a psychotherapist/psychoanalyst often ONLY ADDRESSED THE CONSCIOUS ISSUES that we are having. But what about the UNCONSCIOUS issues that are stored IN OUR TISSUES?

What about all that other stuff that we are literally holding onto from our childhood traumas and we HAVE NO IDEA that it’s affecting us?

I can’t tell you how many sessions I’ve had with clients where when asked prior to the session about their emotional state lately they tell me that they are “totally fine” and “pretty stress-free” and then after a few minutes of body therapy work they start crying and releasing emotions that they had NO IDEA that they were even suppressing. They get to FINALLY FEEL their emotions.

Whether it is sadness, anger, or even a milder form of anger which we like to call frustration.

Additionally, I can’t even tell you how many of my clients go into a deep state of relaxation during sessions when we practice fascial release work and they end up having visions of past trauma situations as well as full-body sensations of the past trauma coming to the surface.

I’ve personally tasted the anesthesia in the back of my throat a few times during body therapy sessions which I believe was the trauma from my multiple surgeries in my past.

One client of mine even found herself seeing visions of blood and the ER from her visit to the ER after a severe car accident when she was just a little girl!

All these memories and emotional charges are stored in our body and with body therapy we can actually ACCESS these past memories and charges in our nervous system and let them go once and for all so that we’re SHIFTED and we step into better versions of ourselves.

Our body is essentially a reflection of our unconscious mind.

And through Kinetic Release Therapy (KRT) body therapy, we can access our unconscious mind THROUGH THE BODY in a GENTLE, SAFE, AND EFFICIENT manner.

To learn more about how body therapy can support your healing process in regards to your emotional balance, please schedule a complimentary consultation with me.

Also, to learn more about TRAUMA, EMOTIONS, and how our nervous system contains all of the information of our past, you can pick up one of my favorite books called “Waking The Tiger” by Peter Levine.

I look forward to serving you all soon so we can get you feeling better in not just your body, but also your mind and in your life!