Why I'm now obsessed with CBD Oil...

Okay, so I used to smoke cannabis daily in my teens and early 20's before my manic episode..

And now, I burn sage daily and I drink CBD Oil in my water.

Sure, there are absolutely no psychoactive components in either white sage bundles which I use for smudging, OR in the yummy CBD Oil that my friends Larry and Oksana now supply me with each month.

The difference?  Smoking cannabis did not work well for me, personally.

Everyone is different and for me smoking didn’t work with my biochemistry. Plus the THC aggravated my manic tendencies. Understanding that there are numerous benefits, I discovered that I can get the benefits of cannabis without the high by using hemp derived CBD… It has all the components of cannabis minus the THC....

I love that I can still enhance my overall health and wellness with the medicine of cannabis, just like drinking daily cold-pressed juice, another one of my daily habits.

CBD Oil is known for being able to do a lot of good to our body. 

I can't legally make any claims so I won't.

But I can tell you that I'm loving how it helps me feel healthier, balanced, and how it supports all my other anti-anxiety practices such as staying away from all stimulants such as caffeine, as well as my daily vedic meditation practice and consumption of Phosphorous as my homeopathic remedy (prescribed by my master homeopathic doctor who is one of the best in NYC).

So why am I obsessed with CBD Oil?

Because it FEELS good to me. 

So if you want to try some, reach out to me when you're in the NYC area and you can swing by my office to have glassful.

Or, you can just trust me and order yourself a bottle to try it out.

Just click HERE and start with a bottle of this...

It's by far one of the most highest quality CBD Oils on the market right now.

And, it has a money back guarantee, so if you don't like it, send it back!

Good luck and be sure to join the private Sol CBD facebook group to hear some amazing stories of everyone who is just as obsessed as I am with this stuff.

It's the goods. I promise.


Till next time, my sweet lovelies.