Kinetic Body Therapy Magnesium - Topical Formula


Kinetic Body Therapy Magnesium - Topical Formula


Anti-Inflammatory Magnesium formula for therapeutic relief from minor aches and pains, muscle fatigue and soreness.

Perfect to support your healing after receiving manual therapy.

A unique and specially designed formula which includes Arnica for pain-relief and peppermint essential oil to cool down areas of discomfort.

Fast recovery for sore muscles and joint pain.

- Absorbs quickly and fast acting without any stink or sting!

Convenient 3oz. spray bottle for ease of use and easy travel.
All natural and made in the USA

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Shipped out within 24-Hours from NYC. 

*ON VACATION:  Orders placed between Aug. 30-Sept. 5th will be shipped out on the 5th.

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