Kinetic P-Knot :: Self-Massage and SMR Tool

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The Kinetic P-Knot is Edan's version of the Original P-Knot™ - an easy to use tool that efficiently helps one to perform self-massage or Self Myofascial Release (SMR). 

PLEASE NOTE: Edan's KINETIC version of the P-Knot is SOFTER.

The bi-spherical peanut shape makes the P-Knot™ easy to control the leverage, location, and applied pressure that is desired.

Out of all the self-massage tools on the market, Edan has chose to partner up with the makers of the P-Knot in order to share this awesome tool with the world.

He believes that the quality, texture, and size of the P-Knot is what makes it stand out from the rest and he recommends that all his clients/students use it daily to keep the tissues hydrated and to prevent pain.

- Made in the USA  (Rhode Island, baby!)

- Super durable and will last you a lifetime. (They ran it over with a truck and was still all good!)

- Easy to transport and travel with. (Yep, Edan carries his everywhere!)

- Much better and safer on our spine than a foam roller. (and also feels better..)