AcroKinetic Mobilization

- Decompress your spine
- Reduce general tension in your body
- Enhance your mobility
- Activate your healing potential
- Elevate your yoga practice

AcroKinetic Mobilization is a signature method of Edan's that he developed after years of playing with acrobatic-based therapeutic techniques. 

This method combines acrobatic-based 'flying' methods (most similar to AcroYoga) with Ortho-Bionomy joint mobilizations and soft tissue positional releases to provide recipients with the same benefits as inversion therapy, yoga and osteopathy.

It's not only a super FUN way to reduce overall tension from our body and restore ease to our system, it's also a great way to shift our mindset and perspective which allows us to enter into a flow state. 

The flow state is that state when our nervous system resets and our healing potential is activated. 

When we shift our body and consciousness in this way, our healing is maximized. 


This technique is included in a Kinetic Release Therapy (KRT) session so if you’re interested in it than you can just book that using my booking system below.