I wasn’t able to move my back for a few days, got a massage and it made it worse. Then a friend recommended Edan. I admit I was skeptical going in, but I tried it and after an hour 90% of my back pain was gone. I was able to bend and move for the first time in a few days. Definitely recommend and will continue to go to Edan for work on my back.
— R. C.
Edan is one of the people I always refer to when they are seeking immediate (and long lasting) help with a physical (body) problem. He’s one of the most intuitive therapist out there and worth every penny.
— Edwin V.
I was brittle like a toothpick. One hour later, an extra 2-3 inches on my reach to the floor. Feel supple and loose and ready to conquer the world! Go Edan!
— Noah G.
I waited 1 month after going to Edan to write this review because I wanted to see if the effects would last. They did. I’m amazed by it. My shoulders have literally never felt better, even a month later. My posture is noticeably better (even friends have noticed) and I have so much less tension in my back and shoulders. Edan is incredible at his craft, and he also has a wealth of knowledge (we spoke about different forms of mobility work, strength training, etc.). Highly, highly recommend
— Victor V.
Deep tissue massages leave me feeling bruised. Swedish massage feels good at the moment, but I don’t notice much benefit at the end of the treatment. Thai massage is great for generally loosening things up but has not been specific enough to my pain region. But Edan’s touch releases tension and pain in ways that are remarkably unlike any of the other treatments. The constant stiffness and tightness I feel in my neck and shoulder area have melted away.
— D. I.