It all started when...

I had people from around the world reaching out to me for healing after they found me on social media.

I began teaching and guiding them (reminding them) of how to create more ease in their body.


Sure, we may sometimes need the PHYSICAL contact to act as an intervention, but often, it's NOT NECESSARY. 

To free your body from pain by harnessing the power of your nervous system, which is what I do in-person in my KRT sessions in NYC, can be done virtually and from anywhere in the world. 

NO, of course it's not the same as having my hands on you, but ultimately, if you're not going to travel to NYC to see me, or pay for me to come see you and your friends (both options...), the next best thing is to have me treat you virtually. 

Looking forward to meeting you in cyberspace...



Utilizing advanced osteopathic manual therapy methods based in martial arts and dance which follow the principles of homeopathy, we work together to re-balance your kinetic chain and restore ease and function to your entire being.

Meditations, guided movement cues, distance healing work, and much more are what you will receive in my sessions.

As a highly sensitive intuitive healer (aka "empath"), I'm able to energetically 'feel' your body through our video call and I can guide you back to ease and harmony in your physical structure and your energy body.

Our body has the tremendous capacity to heal itself.

If you're currently in a state of discomfort or dis-ease in your body, allow me to REMIND you of your truth.