The Harari Method - My Principles

While I do practice potent and cutting-edge healing systems and methods, I believe that it's more about following a principle-based approach to healing rather than following specific outdated protocols.

The principles are simple:

- Support the body's natural healing (self-corrective) mechanisms.
- Work with the body rather than working on the body.
- Less is more (Work smarter, not harder.)
- No judgments.
- Truly listen to the body rather than using unnecessary force.

These are some the principles of Ortho-Bionomy and Barnes Myofsacial Release; and these are the principles that I choose to live by.

Why try to "fix" the body when it can "heal" itself and all it needs is a little support?

Why use outdated methods that are invasive, painful, and temporary, when we could harness the power of the nervous system to work in a safe, non-invasive way that is more likely to produce lasting results?


My Story


To be an expert in pain and healing does not come without costs. From birth, I was faced with health challenges, setbacks and traumas. I was born in Israel with a urinary tract dysfunction and structural deformities that required me to wear full-length casts on both legs for my first few months of life. After my family moved to Brooklyn, I had my first surgery when I was three, to repair my urinary tract. I had a similar surgery five years later. Growing up in a traditional Jewish home with a father who insisted I go to yeshiva against my will, I regularly struggled with fitting in to my parents' and teachers’ expectations. I always felt like an outsider and struggled with feelings of inadequacy.

As an empath, I was highly sensitive, which made it a challenge to cope with my day-to-day life. From ages 18 to 21, my favorite form of self-medication was escaping in the all-night dance parties of the underground rave and nightclub scene. My love for electronic music and dance fueled these journeys. The dance floor was my savior and movement was my medicine. While I dabbled and experimented with various drugs during this period, my favorite drug of choice was and still is music, dance, and radical self-expression. You can still find me dancing on stage at various events and dance parties from time to time.

While I don’t condone and support the use of recreational substances, I don’t regret my experiences. They opened me up to the world of spirit, my creative capacity, and my passion for somatic therapy and healing. In my early twenties, I was also blessed with a rare and severe neurological pain condition known as cluster headaches, a debilitating head pain that sent  me to the ER on numerous occasions. This illness is considered to be one of the most painful conditions known to medical science, and I can attest to that. After trying almost every treatment in western, eastern, and holistic medicine, from Imitrex injections to bodywork to spending time in hyperbaric oxygen chambers, I found relief from micro-dosing with plant medicine, specifically psilocybin.

My father was a successful entrepreneur and NYC jazz club owner, and I worked at his club in the Greenwich Village from a young age until I turned 21, which was when my life was literally turned upside down. Just when things seemingly couldn’t get worse, they did. I suffered a debilitating mental breakdown and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. After running away from home, spending over $10,000 on my credit card and literally losing my mind and leaving my body, my supportive but terrified parents finally convinced me to admit myself into the mental health ward at NY Presbyterian. After spending a little over a week heavily medicated in the hospital, my doctors decided it was time to discharge me when they noticed me teaching group yoga classes to the other patients. Prior to this episode, I was teaching yoga for a few years in my free time, and I believe that part of the reason for my severe energetic imbalance was that I was practicing yoga in excess, and was too energetically open for my own good. This caused me to leave my reality at the time and enter into another dimension of my mind and the spirit world, which was caused by my lack of proper training on how to remain grounded during such an experience. While some other cultures and Native American shamans call this a spiritual awakening, the western world labels it an illness and they treat it like a disease.

During this awakening, I discovered that I wasn’t living in alignment with my soul purpose and that there were lots of things that contributed to my mental breakdown, including years of verbal abuse from colleagues at my dad’s business along with suppressed anger, anxiety, and being unable to fully express myself authentically and express my emotions. After about a year of dedicating the time and energy to go for weekly bodywork-based psychotherapy sessions using a method called Open Orgonomy, along with designing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I was finally able to achieve a state of harmony and balance in my life.

In 2007, while lying in bed after a complete rupture to my Achilles tendon during a dance performance, I realized that it was time to make some changes to my work and life. The long hours and high-stress work environment of the restaurant business were toxic for me, and if I was going to stay grounded and healthy, I needed to make a career shift and do so quickly. I decided to become trained in manual therapy and obtain a degree in health sciences, so I could share my healing gifts with the world through my intuitive and caring quality of touch, heightened empathic listening abilities, and experiences with pain and suffering. I have made it my mission to serve others so they too can heal from physical pain and mental, emotional, and spiritual disharmonies.


Who I am and what I'm all about...

I've been drawn to holistic and movement arts for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I have become deeply passionate about various somatic healing and movement modalities that are based in subtle mind/body/spirit/consciousness work. These healing and movement methods translate in the effectiveness of our everyday life, our work, and our relationships, but also keep us profoundly connected to source and our spirit. Spirituality that opens the heart and grounds us in the world and in service. 

I love helping people become free from all their pain so they can perform at their peak by feeling liberated in their body so they can be as supple and resilient as children and animals.
I am deeply moved to witness those I help experience themselves in new and deeper ways so that they can do even greater work here on this planet of ours.



Edan is a pioneer in shifting paradigms around healing and wellness. He's an authority and educator in the world of health and healing.

As a therapeutic artist and gifted healing facilitator, his sensitive touch, heightened awareness and intuitive abilities allow him to truly listen to the subtle messages of his clients' bodies.

Being no stranger to pain and suffering. His past experiences with debilitating mental/physical illnesses, diseases and dysfunctions have given him the experience and capacity to work with anyone who suffers from pain.

His life and practice completely transformed when he discovered the potent healing wisdom of Ortho-Bionomy and John Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR).

Edan discovered Ortho-Bionomy when he hurt his foot dancing back in 2007. In just seconds after a few subtle movements of his foot from the Ortho-Bionomist, his pain permanently vanished!

That’s when he decided to dedicate his life to learning Ortho-Bionomy and similar healing systems to utilize it’s principles within his body therapy sessions to help others in the same way it helped him.

He discovered John Barnes MFR in 2015 when he was intrigued by the fact that it followed similar principles as Ortho-Bionomy.

Edan believes that the more modalities the healing facilitator is trained in, the more he can choose which tool to use during the session that will support the best healing potential for his clients. In addition to him being trained in the above mentioned methods, he will sometimes incorporate partner acrobatic therapeutic work, which he calls AcroKinetic Mobiliation (similar to AcroYoga) to help create space within the body and to reap the benefits of inversion therapy for the spine and fluids.

In his free time, you can catch him dancing both on stages and at events, practicing some form of other movement art (such as the Ido Portal Method), in-line skating, skateboarding and longboarding, slacklining, biking, snowboarding, surfing, traveling and spending time in nature.


Education: Swedish Institute, NYC, Associates of Occupational Health Sciences

Certifications:  NY State Massage Therapy Certificate and License
Associate of Ortho-Bionomy
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certification


Affiliations:  Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).
Associate Member of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International (SOBI).



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I am here for YOU to become the best version of yourself; Empowering you to become free from pain, to be aligned both structurally and spiritually, and to be living with more vitality so you can be more impactful and become even more of a superhero!
— Edan