Heal your body.

Reconnect to your heart.

transform Your life.

Edan’s work goes way beyond just bodywork. His 10X healing program literally changed my life!

His bodywork almost feels like craniosacral therapy, but for the entire body and his coaching is a game-changer.
Highly recommended to anyone who is sick of wasting time and money on massage, chiros, etc.
— Marcy F. - NYC Yoga Instructor and Dancer

Meet Edan!

Founder of Kinetic Release Therapy (KRT) - a multidimensional healing method where you are guided to heal yourself from the inside out.

Based in NYC, Edan Harari brings his vast knowledge and personal experience of healing acute and chronic ailments through one-on-one body therapy sessions, coaching, professional mentorship, and retreats worldwide.

Influenced by osteopathy, homeopathy, yoga & meditation, and martial and movement arts, his passion for multidimensional healing empowers all who come into contact with him.

Achieve enhanced states of health.
Liberate yourself from discomfort, pain, and trauma.
Increase your mobility.
 Live your highest potential.


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